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A universaries 2 years to Representative power

Resume on enlarge session of the State Dumas Committee of

Public Unions and Religious Organizations 10.12.1996

V.Zorkaltcev * A.Barsenkov * V.Lepeokhin * A.Avtonomov * A.Bogaturov * A.Lyubimov *

V.Elchev * Y.Sizov * V.Koretsky

Political process

V.Lyusenko. The role and place of the State Duma in Russias political system

T.Klyachko, A.Chechevishnikov. On the situation in the Russian education

Parlamentarism in Russia and abroad

S.Habarov. The UN parliament. (Political and juridical conceptions)

V.Izgarshev. The representative organizations of the Moscow burgeoisie

Bills and legislative proposals. Commentaries

O.Mironov. Citizenship of the Russian Federation

I.Grankin. Arial of competence of the legislative assamblies of regions, districts and cities of federal status


A.Lyubimov. The problems of constitutional law in the CIS states

The Principal Decisions of the State Duma in November-December 1996

Notes on Contributors

Articles and materials published in the journal Representative Power in 1994-1996