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A universaries 2 years to Representative power

Political process

V.Serebryannikov. Responsibility of power

V.Kachanov. Conciliative opposition or the conciliation with the opposition

A.Silin. Would Russia rise again?

M.Kamalov. How to remain the regional head of administration: strategy of the governative electoral campaign

International relations

A.Podberezkin. Alenaces to Russias security

D.Gorovzov. Russian-Cuban relations

and the Helms Burton bill

Questions of religion

Ieromonach Philip (Simonov). The Bogorodichny center

and certain problems of the internal mission

Parlamentarism in Russia and abroad

B.Kagarlizky. Parlamentarism and the left

E.Derkach. The historical experience

of constitutionalism in Russia.

(The activities of the cadets party in the I State Duma)

Bills and legislative proposals. Commentaries

A.Lyubimov. Commentary to ch-s VIII-XI of the Federal law

On the elections of the President of the Russian Federation

S.Zenkin. How to change the Constitution on the

constitutive revision and amendements to the Constitution

A.Gulechko. Certain aspects of the federal bill on the minimum

The Principal Decisions of the State Duma

in Oktober-November 1996

Notes on Contributors