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Political Process
B.Kagarlickiy. The Condemned Duma

F.Rozefet. Situation in Russia in the End of 1996 Parlamentarism in Russia and Abroad

V.Lysenko. Is There Necessity for the Council Federation to Become the Bundesrat?

L.Poluyan, I.Faseev. Organizative Culture of Representatives Assemblies. (Parliamentary Culture

What Does It Mean?)

A.Dokuchaev. Civil Movements and the Representative Power in Germany. (Constitutive Essence of

the Non-Traditional Activity in German Political Science)

Laws and Bills Projects. Commentaries

O.Mironov. Russian Citizenship and the Rights of the Individual

A.Lyubimov. Commentary to Ch-s VII of the Federal Bill on the Elections of the President

of the Russian Federation


A.Avtonomov. CIS: Juridical Problems of Integration

Economics and Law

A.Vasilenko. Rissian Oil Corporations: Legislation and the State Duma

M.Kramarov. The Russian Path in Economics

The Principal Decisions of the State Duma in June- 1996

Notes on Contributors